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Our trichologist in London Luana has years of experience and will offer you a scientific evaluation as well as information and understanding of a range of medical human hair ,skin and scalp conditions. Specialised in both assessment and diagnosis of scalp issues, can determine the treatment hat you will need and also help your issue or problem. From extreme dandruff, male pattern baldness, skin conditions, androgenetic alopecia, providing solutions for both men and women.

Luana trichology expert in London

Luana offers a range of diagnoses and trichology treatment services to clients throughout London and surrounding areas including:

  • Male and female hair loss
  • Scalp consultation
  • Microcamera scalp check
  • Oil essential products
  • Trichology treatments

What is Trichology?

Trichology is the science that studies the structure, function and disease of the human hair.

What a trichologist does?

A trichologist is a licensed, trained professional able to determine your hair and/or scalp issue, through a scientific analysis that includes an accurate anamnesis and questions regarding your lifestyle followed by an examination of hair and scalp. Once he has diagnosed the issue, you will be provided with the solution for your hair and scalp problem in order to get a healthy head and hair.
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We are offering a free live consultation will patients in the hope that this will offer some support and advice/treatment for people suffering from all types of skin and hair loss diseases.

Arranging a face time or Skype consultation..

We ask that taking some pictures of the issue and sending them on a picture message perhaps on whats app would assist in diagnosis.

Just contact us and let us know when is a good time for you.

male androgenetic Hair fall. treated 1 year
trichology results at home in London (1)
Psoriasis case . Treated only 3 weeks treatment
trichologist at work at home in London
Microcamera check


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